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Why my Stove is smoking back when I first light it?

If your stove is smoking back when first lit its normally nothing to worry about although its frustrating and sometimes worrying.

Simply there is a cold plug of air in your flue system / chimney. To alleviate the problem light a fire lighter or two and let them burn on their own for 10 - 15 mins this should create enough heat to warm the chimney / flue and push the cold plug of air out.

Go on to light your fire as normal and all should resume as before.

There is also a method called Upside down burning where you put a few small logs at the bottom of your fire then add kindling on top of them then a fire lighter on top of the kindling and light. This should light the fire lighter which will warm the chimney then it'll catch the kindling adding more heat up the chimney / flue then it'll ignite the logs once it reaches them. This method is particularly great when you have a low flue system or a insulated system that runs outside your home.

Happy burning! 🔥

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