Keep your stove looking its best with this great product 

Stove & Grate Polish

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  • Hotspot black grate polish is a water based polish that covers minor scratches and rust. Leaving a lustrous black finish that does not rub off when dry. Microscopic colour pigments in the polish bond with the stove surface to hide minor blemishes and improve appearance. Suitable for grates, stoves and other cast iron items. 

    The polish must be applied sparingly, with a soft cloth then it can be polished to a rich matt black finish. It is supplied in a 75ml tube.

    Directions for use

    • Ensure stove, grate or surround is cold or only moderately warm.
    • Apply a thin even coat of polish with a dampened cloth. Let dry and polish with a cloth or soft brush.
    • After using add a few drops of water to the tin and close lid tightly to prevent drying out.