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The Ribchester Eco 5kW Stove is a stellar choice for those seeking an environmentally friendly and efficient heating solution. Here's a breakdown of its notable features:

- **Defra approved**: This designation indicates that the Ribchester Eco stove is suitable for use in smoke control areas, making it an eco-conscious option for urban and suburban settings.

- **Eco design ready**: It complies with the latest eco-design standards, ensuring it operates efficiently and with minimal impact on the environment.

- **Multifuel grate**: The inclusion of a multifuel grate allows you to burn both wood and various solid fuels, providing flexibility in your fuel choices.

- **Airwash secondary burn**: This feature helps keep the glass clean and maintains a clear view of the flames while minimizing emissions.

- **5kW Heat output**: With a 5kW heat output, this stove is well-suited for heating spaces of various sizes, providing a comfortable and consistent warmth.

- **Flue outlet 125mm**: The standard 125mm flue outlet simplifies installation and compatibility with most flue systems.

- **Efficiency 76%**: The Ribchester Eco stove boasts a 76% efficiency rating, ensuring that it maximizes the heat generated from the fuel while minimizing waste.

- **Steel body, Cast door**: The combination of a steel body and a cast door not only enhances the stove's durability but also adds a touch of elegance to your living space.

In summary, the Ribchester Eco 5kW Stove appears to be an outstanding choice for those in search of a stylish, environmentally responsible, and high-efficiency heating solution.

Ribchester Eco 5kW

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£729.00Sale Price

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