Easy to use device to help make sure your logs are nice and dry!

Moisture Meter

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  • A firewood moisture meter is perhaps the most important stove tool for helping you to ensure that you get the most out of your stove. Your firewood moisture meter can help you make sure that you are getting well seasoned wood. Please don't get me wrong - there are many firewood suppliers out there who know their business and when they say that their firewood is well seasoned then it is. You may well find that these firewood suppliers are booked solid so try to get your orders in with them over the summer. Your firewood moisture meter will help to confirm that their wood is indeed well seasoned and let you gauge exactly how well seasoned it is.
    Conversely there are also firewood suppliers out there who supply firewood, claiming it is seasoned, when in fact it far from it. The first you will know of it may well be when you notice that your woodburning stove isn't giving out any heat and that the window is getting tarred up. It doesn't just stop there burning unseasoned wood will tar up your chimney (increasing the risk of chimney fire) as well as reducing the life of your woodburning stove and chimney. Burning unseasoned wood is inefficient and results in high levels of particulates, which is bad for health. In terms of how much heat you get out of your wood stove the moisture content of your firewood is probably the single most important thing to consider, which is why a firewood moisture checker is so important.