Chimney Sweep

Chimney Sweep 

45 - 60 mins

Professional chimney sweeping equipment

Professional cover sheets

Visual inspection of the flue

Removal of soot & debris

A draught test performed

Co alarm tested 

Report written

A full safety check

Chimney sweep nottingham.jpg

Stove with a liner or Twinwall Flue £49
Stove without a liner £59
Open Fire £59
Birds nest/blockage from £99

Nottingham chimney sweep
Stove Service

Appliance Service

60 -120 mins


Complete strip down (the stove not me 😂)

Paint if required

Seals if required

Lubrication of moving parts

Tightening of glass clips as well as other nuts and bolts

Deep clean with a wire brush (internal)

Grate clean with wire brush

Fire brick clean (gentle)

Refit all parts back into the appliance

Exterior treatment if required

A full safety check 

Fire bricks are not covered by the service fee and start from £10.

Stove service.JPG

Sweep & Service £119